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Jinyato M2M solution provides green energy for remote communities

jinyato is providing M2M connectivity for solarkiosk, a compact solar power station transported by motor vehicles. The entire roof of the power station is equipped with solar panels to provide sustainable energy for areas that cannot be covered by traditional power cables and infrastructure. The Cinterion (R) module of jinyatuo provides firm M2M connectivity to power the mobile router provided by insys ICOM, so that the solar panels of solarkiosk can be imported into the country. The development of traditional Chinese medicine attaches great importance to the monitoring of industrial conditions, and tracks energy production and consumption through the web interface

solar, which can be easily and quickly deployed, has not been able to theoretically predict the strength performance of materials under variable load due to the current technology. Kiosk supports the simple insertion of devices, equipment and a wide range of systems. Each power station generates enough electricity to run the cellular router, and can charge 220 cells at a time and up to 80 cells at a time in a day. The M2M solution provided by jinyatuo and insys ICOM can monitor and manage solar panels around the clock, track energy input and output, provide a reliable system for supplying power to end users and automatically report potential problems

solarkiosk can generate sustainable electricity for various services, including the refrigeration of drugs and consumer goods. By bringing these benefits to remote communities, solarkiosk will change the lives of millions of people in developing countries living in rural areas. The project has been launched in Ethiopia, Botswana and Kenya, providing power and information access, especially for education, and creating social centers for local communities

one of the biggest challenges faced by M2M communication is to properly operate in harsh environments, such as high temperature in African desert or extreme humidity in South American rainforest, said Michael gartz, director of sales and marketing of insys ICOM. Insys icon and jinyatuo heavy-duty technology are very suitable for these areas that are not connected to electricity, such as rural and remote areas in developing countries and disaster affected areas. About 1.5 billion people in the world live in these regions, including 600million in Africa. Solarkiosk will provide services for them

in many parts of the world, the traditional power infrastructure is difficult to set up and quickly becomes too expensive to maintain, said Thomas Steffen, regional manager of kingyato M2M. Through solarkiosk, we will play a social role in dealing with man-machine challenges, regardless of geographical restrictions

about jinyatuo

jinyatuo is a leading manufacturer in the field of global digital security, with an operating revenue of 2.4 billion euros in 2013 and more than 12000 employees worldwide. 85 offices and 25 research and software development centres have been established in 44 countries. Jinya Tuoding is located at the core of the rapidly innovating digital security field. Billions of people around the world increasingly need and expect to communicate with others, travel, shop, handle banking affairs, entertainment and work in a safe and pleasant way. Jinyatuo is committed to meeting people's growing demand for personal mobile services, payment security, cloud authentication access services, identity and privacy protection, efficient e-health care and e-government, convenient ticketing, reliable machine to machine (M2M) applications, etc. The development of safe embedded software and the design and personalization of it often require the joint efforts of automobile manufacturers, parts enterprises and suppliers who originally coated it on the body and parts surface. Our platforms and services manage these products and their confidential data, as well as trusted terminal services running on them

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