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Jishi communication case sharing: Henan Yuxin logistics IP call center

Henan Yuxin Logistics Co., Ltd. is an enterprise established by the Highway Administration Bureau of Henan Provincial Department of communications in January 2003. After more than five years of exploration, it now has seven companies and a warehouse with a total asset of 120million. It has formed a diversified and common development group with modern logistics business as the leader, material and equipment sales as the pillar, training, greening and consulting services as the auxiliary. At present, Yuxin logistics has more than 260 points inside and outside the province, 4 distribution bases, more than 600 distribution vehicles, and 190000 square meters of automatic control warehouse (the first in the same industry in the province). The business covers Henan, Shaanxi, Hubei, Hebei, Shanghai, Shandong, Shanxi, Anhui, Gansu and Hunan, and radiates the whole central and western regions. With the rapid development of business, it is urgent to improve the customer service level. Establishing a perfect call center customer service system will become an inevitable choice for enterprises. After six months of careful selection, Yuxin logistics chose Jishi communication as its call center system construction supplier

Jishi communication established a 50 seat customer service system for Yuxin logistics in may2015. In the later stage, all management areas and points will be integrated into the call center system for supervision, so as to realize the all-round management of direct sales institutions

1. The division of the logistics industry provides policy and technical guarantee for our company to produce and promote the use of rigid foam polyurethane fire-proof reinforced coiled material composite insulation board. The division is spread all over the country, and it is difficult for each branch business to be uniformly dispatched and managed

centralized and distributed IP construction architecture is adopted for centralized time communication to plan the full construction of the call center for Yuxin. It provides a standard application development interface to facilitate docking with the logistics enterprise business system, access to data, and realize a variety of applications in the call center

2. It is difficult for logistics customer service to have a unified service caliber, and the service cannot monitor problems when customers handle business or complain

the powerful internal report management function of Jishi communication call center can effectively monitor and manage the daily traffic work of internal traffic personnel in real time, and supervise and summarize the overall traffic situation of the company every day, so as to provide a basis for enterprise service improvement and internal assessment

3. Customers in the logistics industry are scattered, so it is difficult to collect, master and count data

establish service files for each customer who has served. Once the customer dials the customer service, the basic information and past service records of the customer will pop up on the operator's computer in real time, and the customer's query of goods delivery, complaints and suggestions and other service requests will be responded quickly and efficiently

system architecture: centralized + distributed deployment mode, supporting remote agents and minimizing human resources

main functions: switching function, real-time traffic status management, perfect traffic report, regional IP group function, business system docking, etc

Shenzhen Jishi Communication Co., Ltd. is a supplier specialized in providing the whole line of software products and overall solutions for call centers (enterprise contact centers). It is one of the longest, most stable and most reliable soft switch system developers in China. It is a national leader in products, technologies and services in the express logistics industry, marketing and customer service call centers. Founded in 2005, Jishi communication has set up branches or offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen, Zhengzhou, Changsha and other places in China. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a double software certified enterprise and a credit enterprise certified by the Ministry of Commerce

call center system software products with independent intellectual property rights, including soft switch system (PBX), computer telecommunication integration system (CTI) and business application system. After years of continuous accumulation, the communication system software products of centralized communication have made continuous breakthroughs in distributed deployment, large capacity, high reliability and high stability, and become one of the few manufacturers that can realize high cost performance distributed group and large capacity enterprise contact center system; CSTC continuously pursues technological progress, and continues to innovate in the field of fixed line, mobile integration and other unified communications with stable sealing quality and multimedia switching

Jishi communication relies on professional call center solutions to serve our customers. We hope that you will cherish Shaohua and work hard to meet the construction needs of the enterprise contact center. Jishi communication will provide professional technical consulting, group scheme planning, business process optimization and other services, provide on-site implementation, personnel training, system maintenance and other professional services, and provide operation management, performance appraisal, business innovation and other operation support services. Integrity and high cost performance are the most common evaluations of Jishi communication from the customer base

by the beginning of 2013, Jishi communication had served more than 1100 high-quality institutions and enterprise customers. The enterprise contact center and call center systems undertaken by Jishi communication had spread across 32 provincial administrative regions in China. The customer base of the service includes large enterprise customers of the nationwide distributed group, as well as single point call center customers with large seating capacity and high specialization requirements; There are large-scale call centers with more than 10000 seats for marketing and express logistics, as well as high-end call centers with high professional level in the real estate and financial industries. Customers cover many industries, such as telecom operators, express logistics, engineering machinery manufacturing, tourism ticketing, hotel industry, TV shopping, government, tax control services, etc., including Guangxi Telecom, Liugong group, Sany Heavy Industry, China postal savings bank, Yuantong express and many other well-known enterprises. Jishi communication is also a long-term partner of China Unicom's three major telecom operators. Jinan trial fund of China Mobile guarantees that the electromechanical range speed control adopted is accurate

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