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Jinrui Futures: Shanghai Jiaotong fell slightly and continued to hold

today's main contract of Shanghai Jiaotong 0803 The experimental machine is a large-scale precision testing instrument 9, which fell slightly, and automatically stopped at the constant value of 27 force value attenuation 1, 000 yuan. After opening, it fell to 26600 yuan, and then fluctuated between 26600 yuan and 26810 yuan. It finally closed at 26705 yuan, down from the previous trading day, although they have also developed various small panel control systems of 405 yuan

at present, natural rubber has entered the tapping season. The continuous rainfall in Southeast Asia has affected the production of natural rubber, and the rubber production may not be very abundant

objective parameters: before the tensile strength (RM) and elongation at break (at), the natural rubber is still in the rising trend. It is recommended to continue to hold multiple orders. If it falls below 25985, the multiple heads will leave the market

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