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On July 18, 2018, the "off-line delivery ceremony for major overseas communication equipment cooperation projects of Jiuquan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., Sanjing Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. and Daming Iron & Steel Co., Ltd." was grandly held in the sheet metal workshop of Daming International Holdings Co., Ltd., Xishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province

Daming International Holding Co., Ltd. and Jiuquan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. have close cooperation with Mitsui Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. over the years. The range of stainless steel pulling force is 100 Newtons for these markets. The three parties give full play to their advantages in the production, processing and sales of high-end stainless steel products. This time, stainless steel flat steel is used to jointly serve the top overseas communication equipment brands. Previously, it was imported materials, and this time Jiuquan Iron and steel stainless steel has replaced the domestic materials. Because end customers have very strict requirements for products from materials to processing, distribution to delivery date. Through full communication among the three parties, through process improvement and strict process control, the indicators of various specifications of flat steel products in terms of length, width, thickness, flatness, straightness and so on were ensured, and the first batch of processing tasks were successfully completed. It is reported that subsequent product orders will be delivered in batches

chengzijian, the chairman of Jiuquan Iron and steel Hongxing, jiangsuiqiang, the deputy manager of Jiuquan Iron and steel Hongxing Stainless Steel Branch, keqinglong, the general manager of Wuxi Jiuquan Iron and steel Bochuang, setokuchi Zhikai, the general manager of Mitsui (Hong Kong) iron and steel department, kangxinzhang, the deputy general manager, zhoukeming, the chairman of the board of directors of Daming International Holdings Co., Ltd. and Lu Pingping, the vice president, attended the delivery ceremony, which was presided over by zhangbihong, the director of personnel and administration

Figure 1: some leaders of Jiuquan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Mitsui and Daming participated in the preheating ceremony, which can also avoid the residual internal pressure of plastic due to sudden cooling during extrusion. (Photo by yangmujun)

Figure 2: leaders attending the delivery ceremony are visiting Daming sheet metal processing workshop. (photographed by yangmujun) do it yourself

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