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Jinshengyang power module products have passed the certification of REACH regulations

the ac/dc power module and dc/dc power module produced by Guangzhou jinshengyang Technology Co., Ltd. have passed the certification of European REACH regulations, and all products comply with the provisions of reach on the restriction of toxic and harmful substances. Reach began to implement pre registration and evaluation on june1,2008, and jinshengyang was duly registered and authorized after passing the evaluation of reach. In this way, jinshengyang has obtained a pass in the export of products to Europe

reach is the abbreviation of the EU regulation regulationconcerningtheregistration, evaluation, authorizationandrestrictionofchemicals. It is a chemical supervision system established by the EU and implemented since June 1, 2007, China's basic national policy is to save resources

reach is a proposal that has reached 1.5 million tons in 2012 and involves the production, trade and use safety of chemicals. As long as the gauze is replaced or cleaned, the above phenomena can be eliminated. The regulations are designed to protect human health and environmental safety, maintain and improve the competitiveness of the European Union's chemical industry, as well as the innovative ability to develop non-toxic and harmless compounds, so as to prevent market fragmentation. The government's bottom line of environmental supervision is broken again to increase the transparency of the use of chemicals, Promote non animal experiments and pursue sustainable social development. Reach Directive requires that all chemicals imported and produced in Europe must pass a set of comprehensive procedures such as registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction, so as to better and more simply identify the components of chemicals to achieve the purpose of ensuring environmental and human safety. The directive mainly includes registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction. Any commodity must have a registration file listing the chemical components, and explain how the manufacturer uses these chemical components and the toxicity assessment report. All the information will be entered into a database under construction, which will be managed by the European Chemicals Agency, a new EU institution in Helsinki, Finland. The agency will evaluate each file. If chemicals are found to have an impact on human health or the environment, they may take more stringent measures. According to the evaluation results of several factors, the chemicals may be banned or approved before use

the power modules produced by jinshengyang adopt lead-free process and passed ROHS certification in 2006. In terms of green environmental protection, we always strive to improve the production and process level to ensure that the products are harmless to human health and the environment

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