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d. no load loss (kw): the active power absorbed by the transformer when the rated voltage at the rated frequency is applied to the terminal of one winding and the other windings are open circuited. It is related to the performance and manufacturing process of iron core silicon steel sheet and the applied voltage

e, no-load current (%): the current passing through the primary winding when the transformer has no-load at the secondary side under the rated voltage It is generally expressed as a percentage of rated current f. Load loss (kw): the power consumed by the transformer when the secondary winding of the transformer is short circuited and the rated current is connected to the rated tapping position of the primary winding

g, impedance voltage (%): short circuit the secondary winding of the transformer and slowly increase the voltage in the primary winding. When the short-circuit current of the secondary winding is equal to the rated value, the voltage applied at the primary side It is generally expressed as a percentage of rated voltage

transformer Cangzhou Elida Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise specializing in the development, research, production and use of transformers in many industries. The products are mainly used for power equipment, medical equipment, computer equipment, navigation equipment, wireless mobile communication and other electronic equipment. Users all over the country, the product quality is stable and reliable, enjoying a high reputation among customers

Elida Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, accounting for 850 square meters of the ground. The company has grown from a small workshop with more than a dozen people to an enterprise with nearly 100 people. It is only a few years. After several years of market trials and tribulations, Elida Electronics Co., Ltd. has not only accumulated rich transformer production experience on december26,2013, but also gathered a group of powerful technical personnel, We have trained a well-trained staff to design and produce all kinds of transformers, switching power transformers, pin type transformers, isolation transformers, constant voltage, constant current transformers, single-phase, three-phase, rectifier transformers, high-frequency, audio transformers and various types of E-shaped, C-shaped, R-shaped, O-shaped series products according to customer requirements! At present, the products comply with the Great Wall safety certification standards

Elida Electronics Co., Ltd. has advanced production equipment and perfect testing means, sophisticated technology and strict management, and is in a leading position in the same industry. Cangzhou, where the company is located, has a long history. The scenery is very beautiful. It is adjacent to the Bohai Sea in the East and Tianjin Guangzhou in the West. The two major Beijing Shanghai railways and the convenient 104 national highway are very convenient in transportation and communication

the company has newly introduced modern equipment such as numerical control wire lifting machine and automatic transformer detector, and implemented a multi-directional quality management system. The well has been certified with gb/t and ISO9001:2000, standard quality certification

the company's business purpose: Based on products and quality as life, it can meet the needs of customers to a large extent

the company is willing to cooperate wholeheartedly with users all over the country to create a better tomorrow

in recent years, China's power demand has increased rapidly, and the high-speed construction of electricity has driven the market demand for power transmission and transformation equipment. As the key electrical equipment for power transmission, the market demand for transformers has also maintained a steady growth. According to the analysis report on market demand forecast and investment strategic planning of China's transformer manufacturing industry released by the prospective industry research institute, the sales revenue of China's transformer industry in 2013 was 368.034 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.07%, and the compound annual growth rate of the industry was 20.76%

the number of enterprises in China's transformer industry is very large. In 2013, there were 1650 enterprises in the whole industry, including 1303 small enterprises, accounting for nearly 80%. Most small enterprises have weak technical strength and can only produce low-end products below 110, resulting in serious overcapacity in the middle and low-end transformer market. According to statistics, the capacity utilization rate of domestic transformers is only 50%

Jiujiang isolation transformer supply, h, phase number and frequency: three-phase starts with s, and single-phase starts with D. Chinese national standard frequency f is 50Hz. Areas with 60Hz in foreign countries (such as the United States)

i. temperature rise and cooling: the difference between the transformer winding or upper oil temperature and the ambient temperature of the transformer is called the temperature rise of the winding or upper oil surface The winding temperature rise limit of oil immersed transformer is 65K, and the oil surface temperature rise is 55k. There are also many cooling methods: oil immersed self cooling, forced air cooling, water cooling, tube type, chip type, etc

j. insulation level: there are insulation grade standards. An example of the insulation level is as follows: the insulation level of a transformer with a high-voltage rated voltage of 35kV and a low-voltage rated voltage of 10kV is expressed as li200ac85/li75ac35, where li200 represents that the high-voltage lightning impulse withstand voltage of the transformer is 200kV, the power frequency withstand voltage is 85kv, the low-voltage lightning impulse withstand voltage is 75KV, and the power frequency withstand voltage is 35kv

transformers with the continuous progress of society, people's demand for electricity is increasing day by day. The continuous development of the power industry has led to the gradual increase in the number of transformers used, especially high-frequency transformers have become the priority of many enterprises. Therefore, the problems of the transformer are slowly emerging. This paper mainly tells you the solutions to the common problems of the high-frequency transformer by analyzing the problems of the high-frequency transformer

technical warning: in the low-temperature area of the transmission parts of the machine, such as sliding plate, lead screw, push rod shaft, etc., 30pl engine oil shall be filled every month to ensure lubrication, and the equipment shall be kept clean; Unplug the electronic tube every quarter, change the position by 180 degrees (except fu501), and then insert it into the electronic tube socket for reuse, so as to prolong the service life of the tube; The dust at the fan, transformer, high-voltage capacitor, resonant cavity, etc. shall be cleaned every six months. (do not wipe with water or wet cloth, but blow with filtered air or control with dry cloth); Always pay attention to the working sequence of the high-frequency transformer switch to prevent ignition, so as to avoid burning the switch

common faults and troubleshooting of high frequency transformer:

1. If the anode current is infinite, the instantaneous voltage drop of the incoming line will be too large, and the AC contactor will not be able to absorb and jump randomly Please turn off the power switch

Jiujiang isolation transformer supply ensures our customers' success in the medical device and drug delivery market. In addition, many companies have begun to develop new, energy-saving, environmental friendly and intelligent products. However, the general economic benefits of domestic transformer enterprises have decreased significantly, and many enterprises are at the edge of loss or loss. A large number of distribution transformer enterprises even have the situation of malicious competition at the expense of product quality. In addition, the quality of transformer products decreased and the accident rate increased. The qualified rate of distribution transformer is only 70%. The accident rate of transformers in operation on the power grid is on the rise. Most transformers have been produced in recent 5 years, and their electrical safety is threatened. With the sustained, healthy and high-speed development of China's economy, power demand continues to grow rapidly. In 2011, China's total electricity consumption was 4.69 trillion kwh, an increase of 11.7% over the previous year, and consumer demand remained strong. Per capita electricity consumption was 3483 kwh, an increase of 351 kwh over the previous year, exceeding the world average

Cangxian Elida Electronics Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in "various electronic transformers and panels

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