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Zhuhai: the "black dens" of "high-grade paint" deep mountain and old forest were dug up

Zhuhai: the "black dens" of "high-grade paint" deep mountain and old forest were dug up

July 5, 2012

[China paint information] according to reports from the masses, yesterday, the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce led the joint law enforcement with the municipal public security, security inspection, Qianshan Street office and other departments, and successfully destroyed a large-scale chemical product counterfeiting dens within the jurisdiction of Qianshan street, Xiangzhou District, 54 boxes of finished paint, coating, glue and other products, more than 200 barrels of chemical raw materials and two transportation vehicles used to transport counterfeit products were seized on site. This is the largest "black dens" of fake paint and coating manufacturing and sales in our city since the "three strikes and two construction" work was carried out

It is understood that this black dens, which manufactures and sells fake famous brand paints, coatings, glues and other chemical products, is located in a low and simple bungalow in the end of huangshikeng, Qianshan District, santanwei pig farm. The whole fake production and processing plant is distributed in four tin houses, with a total area of about 1500 square meters, which is quite large. According to local people, this place is at the junction of Zhuhai and central China, surrounded by high mountains and dense forests. Except for the staff of pig farms, few people live here at ordinary times

according to the reports of the masses, the industrial and commercial law enforcement officers sent a team to patrol the dens by clamping the other end of the specimen in the same way the day before yesterday. After finding out the basic situation, law enforcement officers further launched overnight search. As the case was relatively complex, the industrial and commercial department contacted the public security department to control the scene overnight. In order to be cautious, the law enforcement department also sent additional personnel to assist in the survey, and kept the production and processing plant equipment, finished products, semi-finished products, etc. intact. That night, the parties to the case had left after hearing the wind, and only a woman surnamed Cha was responsible for guarding the dens

production scale is dominated by "blending"

it was learned at the scene that this dens mainly produces fake brand-name high-end car paint and coatings such as "Aotu" and "shuotech". There are four dens, two warehouses and two processing workshops. In the warehouse, a large number of large and small barrels of raw materials, chemical raw materials and a large number of brand-new packaging iron cans used to hold paints and coatings are piled up. Among them, there is no lack of toxic liquids such as white water and flammable and explosive raw materials such as ethyl ester. We can see that the on-site production environment is poor and there are no fire safety facilities

in the other two "processing workshops", the space is blocked and the air is abnormally turbid. See, a batch of paint and furniture coatings for canned vehicles, raw material barrels, semi-finished products, etc. have been completed, piled up along the root of the wall, and the yard is half the height of the wall. During the inventory, law enforcement officers found that there was no standardized process for the whole production and marketing procedure. Because the technical equipment is seriously limited, it is impossible to produce and process in strict accordance with the process according to the raw material ratio of regular manufacturers. Therefore, judging from the informal technical manual found on site, all paint products here are basically blended products, which have serious quality and safety hazards

strictly prevent the resurgence of "fake paint"

according to the survey, the products produced by black dens include more than 10 brands of "shuotech", "Aotu", "IBO · WL" car paint and various paint, hardener and glue brands, among which there are many errors and omissions in product, packaging and label information. For example, the origin of one hardener is marked as Guangzhou Nansha Economic Zone, while the front is "whiteboard", and the label is confused

after investigation, Cha preliminarily explained that the manufacturing and selling fake production site was rented from the local place and started production since April last year. Cha also admitted that the processing site has never obtained the relevant business license, let alone the approval of the safety production license. For this reason, the processing and production operators are unable to provide the authorization letter for the use of the trademark of the above brand products and the certificate of entrusted production. They have been suspected of operating without a license and infringing the exclusive right to use a registered trademark, which belongs to the production and sale of fake products

the investigation of law enforcement personnel also shows that all finished products on the processing site include "shuotech", "Aotu", "IBO · WL", etc. 1 Modular function of test standard: provide the test standard that users of electronic tensile testing machine need to set. Set the brand paint, coating and glue. The plastic has become the core materials of power cable electronics. Two brand holders deny the entrusted processing, and the other brand holder is in contact. To this end, law enforcement officials temporarily suspended all production and processing equipment, operating vehicles, raw materials and finished products according to law. Due to the seriousness of the case, the amount involved and the relevant details of the case are still under investigation

the person in charge of the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce said that the case was large-scale and the whole production and marketing chain was relatively complex. To this end, the law enforcement departments will continue to work hard to investigate the downstream service industries such as supply and marketing, automobile beauty and maintenance as soon as possible, strive to clarify the production and marketing chain in many fields such as source, circulation and sales, and strictly prevent the resurgence of "fake paint"

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