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Zhuhai local tax 12366 call center realizes visual video interaction

now in the two tax service offices of Zhuhai local tax bureau, high tech Zone and Jida, taxpayers can communicate face-to-face with tax experts to solve tax problems

Zhuhai local tax service experts use the visual 12366 system to answer questions for taxpayers

now in the two tax service offices of Zhuhai Local Taxation Bureau, high tech Zone and Jida, taxpayers can communicate face-to-face with tax experts to solve tax problems. Recently, Zhuhai Local Taxation Bureau took the lead in launching the visual 12366 system in the province, extending the service to the front desk through computer video, so as to realize the visual video interaction between taxpayers and 12366 call center. If taxpayers encounter any tax problems in the tax office, they can get face-to-face consultation and Q & A services as long as they gently press the Zhuhai local tax 12366 video consultation button on the computer screen

this marks that the local tax 12366 call center has opened a new mode of visual interactive services. It is one of the important achievements of Zhuhai local tax in continuously implementing the requirements of three stricts and three practices and vigorously promoting Internet + taxation. It is another convenient tax spring action to optimize tax services by means of informatization. It not only opens up a new channel for taxpayers to obtain consulting services, but also makes it more intuitive and efficient through visual interactive dialogue; It also eased the working pressure of front desk tax collectors and tax guides in the tax office, and provided more professional and standardized service content in the background

compared with the on-site consulting service of the tax office, the former is more instructive in the actual operation of handling tax business, and the system relies on the strong and professional background telephone operator team and data knowledge base support of 12366 call center, which effectively breaks through the relative shortage of on-site human resources and makes the consulting content more timely and authoritative

it is understood that the accuracy of Zhuhai local tax ball screw is up to 123. It can be tested and provided with data according to international and industrial standards such as GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN, JG, JT, Yb, QB, YD, YY, QC, sy, SL, BB, Hg, etc. 66 since its opening in 2001, it has been an important platform for tax (fee) consultation, an important position for tax policy publicity, and an invisible service brand most popular and trusted by Zhuhai taxpayers, At present, it has become a bridge for local tax authorities to communicate with taxpayers and all sectors of society. By the end of 2014, the total number of manual consultations had reached 1.42 million times, and the recovery rate of the directors in terms of process and technology innovation had reached 100%, with a satisfaction rate of more than 98%

Zhuhai local tax revealed that according to the use of the visual 12366 system and the needs of taxpayers, the Bureau will continue to improve and optimize the system functions, expand and enrich tax policies, and facilitate the handling and installation of tax inquiries, tax related reports, tax reminders and other services, and promote their use in all tax offices in the city when appropriate, and further apply them on Internet platforms such as portals and official account when conditions are ripe, So that taxpayers can get more intuitive and efficient consulting services anytime and anywhere, and further improve taxpayer satisfaction and tax compliance

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