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Zhuhai escalator has been involved in eight accidents in 10 years. The instrument solves the problem of detection

recently, a serious public safety accident occurred in Beijing due to the reversal of the subway escalator. This hidden danger has always been an urgent problem for the quality supervision department to overcome. Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of quality supervision revealed yesterday that according to the current technical means, the reverse condition of escalators is almost undetectable in daily inspection. Therefore, Zhuhai special inspection institute applied for a national project to develop special instruments. After one year, it successfully developed a non operating reverse protection function detector for escalators, which can be used to find out whether the reverse switch is normal during daily maintenance. This is the first time that the country has achieved results in this field. In the next step, Zhuhai will devote itself to the improvement, promotion and application of this instrument

at the same time, it is also reported that there are 510 escalators (in use) in Zhuhai, of which 4 are actually in use by Otis brand, and no problems are found in daily inspection. A large number of escalators will be put into use at Zhuhai light rail stations, and the quality supervision department calls for the determination of escalator models as soon as possible

escalator overload operation is prone to failure

Han Chiquan, chief of the special social sciences department, told that in recent years, there have been fewer escalator accidents in Zhuhai than in surrounding cities, but if supervision is not continuously strengthened, potential safety hazards still exist. Since March this year, the Quality Supervision Bureau has strengthened the safety supervision of elevators in use, requiring users and maintenance units to implement it in place. At the same time, the Quality Supervision Bureau has also strengthened the inspection of experimental trips. It is reported that the main problem of the escalator in Beijing is the failure of the reverse switch protection. At present, the maintenance personnel cannot detect whether the reverse switch is normal in the daily use of the escalator. "The escalator accident is sudden, and some parts are OK during daily inspection, but in case of overload caused by the peak flow of people during use, it is easy to have emergencies under the overload operation of the elevator."

the experiment of escalator reverse protection detector was successful

it was learned from Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of quality supervision yesterday that the scientific research team of Zhuhai Special Inspection Institute recently applied the independently developed escalator reverse protection function tester to detect the escalator at Xiangzhou long-distance passenger station, and accurately measured whether the escalator has overspeed protection function, under speed protection function and reverse protection function. According to the Quality Supervision Bureau, this marks the resolution of the long-standing problem of escalator reverse protection function detection

it is reported that over speed, under speed, reverse protection and additional brakes are important protection devices for escalators. For a long time, it has been an urgent problem for the quality supervision department to develop a reliable, accurate and universal detection method to eliminate the hidden dangers of escalators. According to the current technical means, the reverse condition of the escalator is almost undetectable in the daily inspection. In July last year, the scientific research project of "research and development of escalator (sidewalk) overspeed and non manipulation reverse protection function detector based on frequency conversion technology" declared by Zhuhai special inspection institute was approved by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China. After one year of efforts, the scientific research team of Zhuhai Special Inspection Institute successfully developed a set of detectors with completely independent intellectual property rights and successfully passed the experiment. This detector can be used to find out whether the reversing switch is normal during daily maintenance. It is reported that the next step will be the improvement and promotion of the instrument

mention the common sense that it contains unidirectional or non unidirectional reinforcement materials

remember the position of the emergency stop button

1 once the temperature is too high

according to the engineer, all walking elevators are equipped with emergency stop buttons, which are located at one end of the elevator and have obvious signs. When a fault occurs and endangers the passenger's body, press the button as soon as possible to stop the elevator in time. "Press the emergency stop button, the elevator will not stop suddenly, but stop gently." The engineer said that in addition, the bottom of handrails at both ends of each

walking elevator are equipped with conveyor belt safety devices to prevent passengers, especially children, from being involved due to playful fingers. If the emergency stop button fails, you can also press the safety device to stop the elevator

it should be specially reminded that the above devices are all emergency buttons. Citizens, especially children, should not use

at will due to playfulness. In addition, do not jump or kick on the elevator. Take the children multiplied by the Class B1 Standard in the new national standard GB8624 (2) 012 "classification of flammability of building materials and products" as an example. When taking the elevator, parents must be with them

conveyor belt safety device, at the top or bottom of the escalator

emergency stop button can stop the escalator immediately. There is only one escalator

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