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The 12th China International Aerospace Expo officially opened, and ewater and its small unmanned aerial vehicle espect made their debut in China

on November 6, 2018, the 12th China International Aerospace Expo was officially opened in Zhuhai, and the air show will last until November 11. A large number of new products from China's aerospace industry appeared in this air show. This year, most civil UAV enterprises are concentrated in hall 10, and some are also exhibited in the military civilian integration hall and outdoor exhibition area. In the afternoon of the same day, ewater, a leading industrial UAV enterprise, held a new product launch conference in the exhibition area and released a small multi load multi rotor UAV, espect

it is understood that the self weight of espect is only 3.2kg, and the endurance time with load can reach 30 minutes (load 400g). Different loads such as 4K visible light, 10x zoom camera and infrared thermal imaging camera can be flexibly replaced. After the release of the new product video, Zhao Guocheng, chairman of ewater, and Liao Shikang, executive vice president, jointly unveiled the veil of espect

scene unveiling/figure source Yuchen

espect adopts ewater's mature ewise multi rotor flight control system and power platform, combined with industrial visible light imaging, thermal imaging pod system, route planning and other ground station remote control and telemetry software, which is widely used in Power Patrol, communication base station patrol, police reconnaissance and law enforcement, fire survey, search and rescue and other fields. The boom and landing gear can be folded, the fuselage is small, the installation and preparation work is easy and simple, and it can take off at any time

product introduction/figure source Yuchen

aspect basic parameter configuration:

expansion size (excluding paddle):540mm*540mm*250mm

diagonal paddle wheelbase: 665mm

shell form: fully enclosed waterproof shell

collection form: machine arm Landing gear folding

number of rotors: 4

waterproof grade: IP54

wind resistance: 8m/s (Grade 5)

operating temperature: -40 ℃ ~65 ℃

endurance time with load: 30min (load 400g)

payload: 800g

at the press conference site, ewater also made the flight debut of espect. Under the control of the pilot, espect flew smoothly, showing the audience Intelligent Flight functions such as one button take-off/landing, one button return, autopilot and so on

talking about the original intention of developing espect, Jack, deputy general manager of ewater, said in response to a question that the original intention of developing small unmanned aerial vehicles is to meet the needs of users in electricity and other industries for unmanned aerial vehicles to be miniaturized, portable, simple to operate, and modular mission equipment. "We have been providing solutions for industry users with industrial UAVs, but in recent years, industry users represented by electricity prefer to use miniaturized UAVs as the main type of patrol inspection."

Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group, visited the ewater exhibition area/source: Yuchen

but there are also many pain points that need to be solved urgently for small-scale power inspection UAVs, such as insufficient zoom multiple and low pixels of the airborne camera of the same type of small-scale machine during power inspection, and most models do not support the replacement of industrial detection equipment such as infrared temperature measurement, which is more limited in actual use

espect/source Yuchen

jack said in his communication with the on-site media that espect can choose a variety of loads. The mounting adopts the design of gold finger quick interface, which can carry and flexibly replace different loads such as 4K visible light, 10x zoom camera and infrared thermal imaging camera, and perform different tasks; The modular design makes it more convenient to replace different mounts, which greatly improves the usability, convenience and maintainability of the system, and greatly improves the work efficiency

"similar products are prone to out of control, link interruption and other situations in complex environments, and their anti-interference ability is weak. During the design of espect, it takes into account the optimization of flight control redundancy, electromagnetic compatibility of circuits, and anti-interference of communication links, so that it has the ability to operate normally in various complex environments, which is more in line with the needs of industry users." Jack said

compared with the existing star UAV products of ewater, espect realizes the integration of three links: data transmission, image transmission and remote control. It is understood that the integration of the three links of civil UAV has been going on. With the improvement of the automation of civil UAV, the "unity" of the three links has become an important trend of development. On the basis of one year after the country abolished four complete "ground bars", CK said that through this design, firstly, the cost can be reduced, and secondly, the interference can be reduced. "In the past, there may be some interference between the three frequency bands and three links, which will cause some impact. Now the electromagnetic compatibility is more perfect and excellent."

in addition, the espect small multi rotor UAV is equipped with forward-looking and down looking infrared obstacle avoidance systems, which can detect obstacles within 10m, and can still maintain good mobility when the obstacle sensing system is turned on. Espect's down looking infrared sensor measures the distance by measuring the change of reflected light intensity. When flying below 10m, espect will automatically adjust the altitude so that it can cope with different flight environments, and can also carry out adaptive flight in complex environments to complete the target mission safely and stably. On the basis of strong technology, through effective integration, ewater makes espect have the characteristics of industrial level and the convenience of consumer level operation

espect/source Yuchen

it is understood that the espect ground station software also has rich functions, such as one key take-off/landing and one key return; Take photos at fixed time, fixed point and distance; Remote control of PTZ, flight guidance, autopilot and other functions; Change and upload routes at any time (more than 700 waypoints); Download and analyze the flight log. At the same time, it also has strong human-computer interaction function. Many parameters are designed into the style that the temperature fluctuation of instruments and meters should not be greater than 2 ℃/2, and the change of power supply voltage should not exceed ± 10% of the rated voltage, so that users can intuitively understand the state of UAV during operation

at this press conference, in addition to the debut of the new UAV espect and its supporting payload, ewater also showed other star products, including industrial UAVs such as ewz-s8, ewg-e2v, ewg-g3v, ewz-h6, and related airborne equipment such as 36x pod, dual light pod, tilt camera, launch module, lighting module, and shouting module, Based on its research achievements in the production process of high-efficiency carbon fiber composites in recent years, ewater's shared UAV platform developed by interconnection and big data platform was also exhibited

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