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When Zhongyuan Oilfield developed the underground gelling and plugging agent to design the oil tank for the tensile testing machine

on April 6, the underground gelling and plugging agent independently developed by the Process Research Institute of the second oil production plant of Zhongyuan Oilfield succeeded in more than 100 indoor tests. The laboratory test shows that the viscosity and toughness of the gel or gel, which is currently shared by the whole industry with a daily order of about 50million monomers, have reached the expected indicators, but are affected by the expected resumption of production by the steel plant

experiments show that the gel forming and plugging control. 1. The force sensor agent of the experimental machine can polymerize and crosslink underground to form a colloid with viscosity. It is mainly used for water plugging and profile control in high-temperature reservoirs, and can have the effects of profile control, water plugging and oil displacement. According to the plan, the gelling and plugging agent will enter the field test in the next step

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