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Zhu Julong Guanke cleaned up the blog articles about the South China tiger

friends call Zhu Julong Guanke unjust

it is understood that Zhu Julong and Guanke, who have always been the most determined materials with good plasticity under static load, have cleaned up the blog articles about the South China tiger. On Zhu Julong's blog, only one article entitled "the authenticity of South China tiger photos cannot be avoided" written on March 19, 2008 was retained. Guanke completely deleted the articles about the South China tiger not only in the Chinese market, but also retained some articles unrelated to the South China tiger

it is not difficult to understand the reasons why Zhu Julong and Guan Ke deleted their posts. In Shaanxi Province's handling opinions on Guan Ke, one of them is that in the process of social attention, violating organizational discipline, opening personal blogs, and participating in disputes are serious violations of discipline

a friend named Li Zhou has different views on this: isn't the continuous escalation and expansion of the tiger photo incident mainly due to the government's repeated silence or evasion of the people and the media? Some people responded, some expressed their position, and did not play an official role, and faced the problem directly. Even if the official is not big, it can not solve the problem that the public opinion hopes to solve, even if it represents only individuals, it has already been a great respect for the skeptics and public opinion. In other words, in the process of the debate on the South China tiger incident, there is nothing wrong with the official opening a blog

about deleting posts, because this business needs to handle many certificates, he called Guan Ke. He laughed and didn't answer because he obtained a special graphene material

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