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Zhongzhou Futures: the rubber market is still in a bear trend, and the price of rubber continues to probe low

on Tuesday, the main force of Shanghai rubber ru0703 opened at 17790 yuan, and the futures price fluctuated in a narrow range. In the afternoon, it rebounded after falling sharply to 17430 yuan, and finally closed at 17660 yuan, up 30 yuan from the previous day. The trading volume increased to more than 210000 hands, and the position increased by 5498 hands to 36586 hands

data released by the National Bureau of Statistics yesterday showed that China's tire production in October increased by 14% to 37.31 million compared with the same period last year. China's total monthly tire production increased by 18% year-on-year to 357.85 million. The data is the same as the investigation and Research on the production line 1 of the enterprise. It shows that the output of synthetic rubber in October was 150, which was measured by experimental equipment; 300 tons, an increase of 4.3% over the same period last year. The total output of synthetic rubber in January was 1.53 million tons, an increase of 13% over the same period last year. Internationally, Singapore reported on November 20 that Asian spot rubber prices mostly closed lower on Monday, pressured by the decline in TOCOM rubber futures. Singapore traders said, "demand is very scarce, as Chinese buyers are still waiting and waiting to see whether the price will decline further, it is difficult for sellers to sell at the current price." In addition, the increase in supply is mainly due to the peak season of rubber production in Thailand

technically, Japanese glue closed at 194.0 yen in a row, up 0.2 yen from the previous day. Ru0703, the main force of Shanghai rubber industry group, closed long the negative line of the lower shadow line, and the futures price showed signs of stabilizing, but it was still suppressed by the short position arrangement of the moving average, and continued to be in the downward trend. In the future market, it is not ruled out that there may be a staged small rebound in the experimental potential of downward stretching, 90 degree stripping and roller stripping. In terms of operation, it is recommended to hold empty orders carefully

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