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The export volume of plastic products of Manzhouli customs doubled over the same period.

recently, the statistical data released by Manzhouli customs showed that the monthly export trade value of plastic products in this customs area was US $5.887 million, with a total weight of 1221.5 tons, a full doubling of the same period last year

according to the analysis of relevant personnel of Manzhouli customs, plastic products exported from Manzhouli Port mainly include plastic plugs, covers, plastic doors, windows, etc. In terms of the nature of export enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises exported 891.4 tons of plastic products per month, an increase of 2.3 times year-on-year, accounting for 73% of the total exports of the Customs District, which shows that foreign-invested enterprises have become the main force in the export of plastic products in Manzhouli customs district. Geographically, the export enterprises of plastic products are mainly concentrated in Jiangsu Province. Enterprises in Jiangsu Province export 755.3 tons of plastic products from Manzhouli Customs District, an increase of 2.6 times, accounting for 61.8% of the total export volume of the customs district

learned that with the promotion of new materials and new processes, the application field of plastics has been continuously expanded. In the field of health, due to its good design flexibility and convenience for one-time use, plastic has gradually replaced metal as the traditional raw material of pharmaceutical packaging containers. It is estimated that the total output of pharmaceutical plastics will exceed 4 in 2015, and the result should be shared by the industry by 500000 tons. In the field of plastic products and furniture, with the increasing dominance of green buildings in the building materials industry and architectural design direction, the market demand for high-quality plastic doors and windows in Russia and other countries has also increased correspondingly, while the light industry foundation is relatively weak and cannot meet domestic demand. Therefore, Chinese plastic products with high quality and low price have been widely favored by Russian consumers, It effectively stimulated the continuous growth of exports of plastic products in the time zone after the completion of the identification of a number of scientific and technological innovations such as 7x50 alloy thick plate, 7x52 laminated plate, aluminum zinc magnesium scandium and so on

in order to promote the smooth export of plastic products to foreign countries, Manzhouli customs has used its brains and issued a number of measures. In combination with the implementation of the relevant requirements of the party's mass line, the customs comprehensively carried out the activity of "changing the style of work to promote development and optimizing services to enter 100 enterprises". Relevant leaders led a team to visit and investigate the enterprises, deeply understood the difficulties existing in the production and operation of the enterprises, and adopted electro-hydraulic loading, sensor force measurement, digital display force value, printer print force value data And automatically convert the compressive strength and set up a help group to provide one-to-one services to plastic products export enterprises

the customs gave full play to the statistical and analytical functions of the customs, closely followed the market operation of light industrial products at home and abroad, strengthened early warning monitoring and analysis of import and export, and provided timely and effective information support for local government decision-making and foreign trade enterprise management

the customs also deepened the reform of classified customs clearance, set up special posts for receiving orders according to commodity classification, set early warning parameters to identify the risk level of customs declaration, and implement "computer automatic review" for low-risk customs declaration forms, so as to ensure the rapid customs clearance of low-risk customs declaration forms and the centralized review and inspection of high-risk customs declaration forms, so as to help honest enterprises drive on the customs clearance highway

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